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Pine Island Primitives
Pine Island Primitives

What's New at Pine Island Primitives

Several of the new designs are hooked and are shown here. There are a few other new designs that are not hooked yet and I will get them on the website as soon as they are finished. You can see them at a hook-in, at a class or at the shop. They include a small rug of two squirrels called “Nuts About You”, a new stocking with a Snowman and a small floral. Also new, “Posy Sheep”! Same size and design as “Posy Pony”. (See Animals Section). There is also a new geometric called “Checker Birds”. It is the next one I hope to hook after finishing “Noah’s Farm”.

New Designs

Pine Island Primitives
Noah’s Farm (detail)
30” x 59”
© 2016 Sally Kallin
Here is a corner of Noah’s Farm. It shows of pairs of farm animals heading up to the barn with the water coming up from the bottom. This design has been rattling around in my head for a few years. My Husband Keith said it was prophetic to finish the design this year. We have had a boatload of rain. Luckily, we have not floated away! Only a detail is shown, because I no longer put line drawings on my website. The full rug will be shown when I’m finished hooking it. I’m also working on designing “Noah’s Cabin” in a more primitive style.

221 Love Birds Small 21” x 29”
221A Love Birds Large 30” x 44” (shown)
© 2016 Sally Kallin (See Animals Section)
This is a really fun rug to hook! Lots of room to play in the background. This is the large one that I hooked in mostly 9 cuts. The small one is even large enough to hook in 8.5 or even 9 cuts. 

Pine Island Primitives
212C Seeing Stars Large Runner
© 2014 Sally Kallin (see geometrics section)
24” x 96”
This rug has been on the website for a while. This shows the large runner hooked. It is also available in 3 other sizes: 212 Seeing Stars, 12” x 60” (with 5 stars), 212A 12” x 48” (with 4 stars), and 212B Seeing Stars Too, 25” x 51” (7 stars in a rectangular format).

Pine Island PrimitivesThe Cow Whisperer© 2013 Sally Kallin
Designed and hooked by Sally Kallin
(Not currently available as a pattern)

Growing up during the great depression, my husband’s grandpa (Frank Kallin) was a very creative and resourceful man. After retiring from farming, he decided to start a new business. He went to the local livestock auctions and bought sickly little calves and nursed them back to health.  When they grew up, he would then rent them to dairy farmers in Wisconsin that could not afford to purchase a heard of expensive dairy cows.  At one point he had 600 cows that were being rented. As well as a creative businessman, he was a very colorful story teller and this rug is based on a couple of his stories.

He had a farmer that rented several cows from him. One day that farmer said “This cow is dry! She won’t give milk!” Indignant, Grandpa marched over to the farm and whispered something into the cow’s ear. The next day she was giving milk! We asked him what he said to the cow, but he would never tell us. (He wouldn’t tell the farmer either).

If you look to the right side of the rug you can see two rats with their tails linked. One is lowering the other into the nest to steal eggs. This is another Grandpa Kallin story. We are not sure if the stories are true, but that doesn’t matter. They are special to our family and a great way to remember life on the farm in Wisconsin.


NEW! Spring Workshop at the Farm
May 17-19, 2017

Many of you asked for more workshops at the Farm, so, here it is. I hope to add even more workshops at the Farm in 2018. Remember you can contact me schedule a private workshop for your group. Several dates are available for 2018 and a couple of dates for 2017. 

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